UNDSS – United Nations Department of Safety and Security

UNDSS – United Nations Department of Safety and Security

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About United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS):

The Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) is a department of the United Nations providing professional safety and security services to enable the United Nations to deliver its programmes globally. UNDSS reports directly to the Secretary-General. UNDSS manages a network of security advisers, analysts, officers and coordinators in more than 125 countries in support of around 180,000 United Nations personnel, 400,000 dependents and 4,500 United Nations premises worldwide. The department is led by Under-Secretary-General Gilles Michaud, from Canada.

UNDSS Mandate: 

Mission: To enable United Nations system operations through trusted security leadership and solutions.

Vision: Security for the United Nations, for a better world.

Legal Documents: UN Security is underpinned by five main legal documents, outlining the responsibilities of all stakeholders:

  1. United Nations Charter – articles 104 and 105
  2. Conventions on Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations (1946 and 1947)
  3. Convention on Safety and Security of United Nations Personnel and Associated Personnel (1994) – Optional Protocol (2005)
  4. Annual Resolutions of the General Assembly on Safety and Security of UN personnel and associated personnel
  5. UNSMS Security Policy Manual


  1. Leadership: UNDSS provides critical advice and rapid decision-making capacity on UNSMS (United Nations Security Management System) policy and operational issues to UNSMS members, senior United Nations management and personnel.
  2. Security Management: The department provides services with security risk management capabilities and strategies to address multi-dimensional security challenges. The Security Risk Management (SRM) identifies, analyzes and manages safety and security risks to United Nations personnel, assets and operations.
  3. Policy: UNDSS supports decision-making process with a solid policy framework with security policies covering all aspects of security management and ensuring cohesion within the UNSMS.
  4. Workforce: UNDSS develops and maintains a professional and effective safety and security workforce.
  5. Specialized Services: UNDSS delivers specialized safety and security services by offering the necessary expertise to stay ahead of the fast-paced changes in the security environment.