United Nations Resident Coordinator System – UN RCS

United Nations Resident Coordinator System – UN RCS

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About United Nations Resident Coordinator System (RCS):

The UN Resident Coordinator (RC) system encompasses all organizations of the United Nations system dealing with operational activities for development, regardless of their formal presence in the country. The RC system aims to bring together the different UN agencies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operational activities at the country level. It comprises a series of global, regional and country-level working mechanisms that provide guidance and support the work of UN Resident Coordinators around the world.

At present, there are 129 UN Resident Coordinators posts leading 131 United Nations Country Teams (UNCTs) – each composed of 16 UN entities on average, and serving 165 countries and territories.1 Of the 129 RCs, 110 also act as Designated Officials for Security, 29 as Humanitarian Coordinators and 14 as Deputy Special
Representatives of the Secretary-General.

The objective of the RC system is to support the role and functions of the RC and the UNCT through shared global, regional and country level vision, norms and standards, capacities and operating protocols to deliver together more coherent, effective and efficient support to globally, regional and nationally agreed goals and priorities. To do this, the RC system focuses on leveraging the leadership, policy and practices, and diverse expertise across UN development entities, to work together towards this common end, of improving the relevance, effectiveness and impact of the UN’s contribution to development results.

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