Project Manager

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    Environment and Natural Resources, Project Management
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Project Manager
Job Opening
Job Opening ID: 225460
Job Network : Economic, Social and Development
Job Family : Environmental Affairs
Category and Level : Consultants, CON
Duty Station : PARIS
Department/Office : United Nations Environment Programme
Date Posted : Jan 11, 2024
Deadline : Jan 17, 2024

Result of Service
The consultant will deliver the followings:

For the outcome #1: Proposal of the necessary institutional arrangements for the estimation of GHG emissions from the health sector and characterization of the vulnerability of health care facilities in Argentina.
No. 1.1: Survey of status and methodologies for estimating GHG emissions in health care facilities.
No. 1.2: Survey of status and methodologies to estimate vulnerability, risk, and resilience in health care facilities.
No. 1.3: Identification of relevant actors and institutional arrangements necessary to obtain the information needed to estimate GHG emissions and characterize health care facilities in terms of adaptation to climate change.
No. 1.4: Assessment of health care facilities with available information to estimate GHG emissions and their characterization in terms of vulnerability and risk, and proposal for prioritization and scope.
No. 1.5: Systematization of information related to sources of GHG emissions, vulnerability, and climate risks of selected health care facilities.
No. 1.6: Determination of GHG emissions profile and comparison with the ICAT Health I experience of the ICAT Argentina project.
No. 1.7: Assessment of vulnerability and adaptation of selected health care facilities. Proposal for improvements.
No. 1.8: Report of main results and systematization of the workshop of presentation of results.

For the outcome #2: Evaluation of the impact of climate change response plans (PRCC) at the subnational level on the fulfilment of national mitigation targets.
No. 2.1: Characterization of the National Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Plan (PNAyMCC) and survey of available Climate Change Response Plans (PRCC). Analysis of the lines of action of the PNAyMCC, the PRCC and their linkage.
No. 2.2: Analysis of available Response Plans (PRCC) and socialization of results.
No. 2.3: Proposal of methodology for systematization of Response Plan (PRCC) data.
No. 2.4: Systematization of information contained in the available Response Plans.
No. 2.5: Analysis of the application of the non-state and subnational action guide with the ICAT CAAT tool to detect compatibility between subnational and national actions.
No. 2.6: Generation of training content adapted to national circumstances, suitable for the provinces.
No. 2.7: Presentation of results to national and provincial stakeholders.
Work Location
Remote from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Expected duration
1 year
Duties and Responsibilities
The Project Manager will work closely with the National Climate Change Directorate (NCCD) and the UNEP-CCC. He/she will be responsible for strengthening national coordination in terms of monitoring the implementation of the work plan. Among its activities, he/she will work along with the consultants of the project, verify the accomplishment of the work plan, review activities and deliverables, and be in permanent contact with UNEP CCC Focal Point. The Project manager adviser will facilitate communication between Argentina and UNEP CCC and between consultants and local actors.

He/she will also work together with the support of national consultants of ICAT Argentina to prepare the deliverables and outputs specified under the outcomes: Proposal of the necessary institutional arrangements for the estimation of GHG emissions from the health sector and characterization of the vulnerability of health care facilities in Argentina (Outcome #1), Evaluation of the impact of climate change response plans (PRCC) at the sub-national level on the fulfilment of national mitigation targets (Outcome #2). He/she will provide technical support, review, and facilitate communication between stakeholders.
Qualifications/special skills
– A University degree in Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Biology, Agronomy, or other university degree relevant to climate change, environment, and national development is required.
– At least 4 years of practical experience in projects related to sustainable development or climate change in Argentina with 2 years of previous experience working at the national level and 2 years of experience working at the sub-national level is required.
– Previous experience working with website updates is required.
– Experience in management of small teams is required.
– Previous experience leading public projects developed along with international agencies is required.
– At least 1 year of practical experience in the production of national GHG inventories and detailed practical and theoretical knowledge of the IPCC Good Practice Guidelines is desired.
– An understanding of climate change policy, transparency, and MRV within the Government of Argentina and the associated stakeholders would be an advantage.
– Experience developing international reports to the UNFCCC (BUR, BTR) and developing mitigation sectorial plans is desired.

Key Competencies:
– In-depth knowledge of global climate change policies with a strong understanding of Argentina’s climate change laws and policies. Understanding of theories, concepts, and approaches relevant to climate change mitigation and adaptation planning
– Ability to interact with public and private sector official, and the capability to identify, analyze, and actively participate in resolving issues and problems including the ability to exercise judgement in the given context, plan tasks effectively, and manage conflicting priorities.
– A sense of pride in one’s work and achievements and showing leadership capacities.
– Be conscientious and efficient in fulfilling commitments, adhering to deadlines, and delivering results.
– Motivated from professional rather than personal concerns. Persistence in the face of complex problems or challenges, dealing with large amounts of work and maintaining composure in stressful situations.
– Practical experience using IT tools such as MS Office, programming and remote sensing knowledge.
– Fluency in written and spoken Spanish is required. Knowledge of other United Nations languages (Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, English, French, Russian) is an asset.

This job has expired.