Compliance and Policy Lead

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Grade: IS-6
Deadline: 05 May 2024 (11:59 PM KST)
Job Category: International
Salary: USD 171,200 (plus attractive benefits, that include the following allowances (as applicable): Relocation, dependency, housing, education assistance and home country travel.

The Green Climate Fund is the world’s largest dedicated multilateral climate fund and invests in impactful, innovative, catalytic programs and projects in developing countries across the globe. By the end of 2023, GCF had a portfolio of 243 projects in 129 countries, committing a total of USD 13.5 billion to date.

In 2023, an additional USD 12.8 billion was pledged, to support our new strategic and programming cycle from 2024-2027; our ambition is to grow to become at least a USD 50 billion fund by 2030. Rooted in the core objectives of impact and efficiency, access and a focus on the most vulnerable, and mobilizing a much higher scale of public and private sector financial flows for climate action we have an unparalleled scale of resources, which, together with our risk appetite and flexibility allows us to bring together different partners and stakeholders in innovative partnerships for profound impact.

GCF is seeking a top-tier individual with a demonstrable track record of harnessing experience, energy and networks to tackle complex global climate change challenges. You will be committed to making a positive, measurable difference through a mission-driven role, and thrive in a fast-paced, diverse environment.

You will be able to quickly scan and analyze complex, competing issues and lead significant sized teams to find solutions in evolving contexts, across multiple geographic locations.

You will be a nurturer of people: recognizing and growing the talent around you, exemplifying values of transparency, respect and innovation.

You will be committed to learning, knowledge-sharing, convening and communicating with partners to work together to ideate, develop and implement climate action initiatives that make a profound difference to people and planet.

You will join a team of talented, committed individuals representing almost 80 nationalities contributing skills and experience from academic, scientific, private, government and nonprofit backgrounds. Together, we work with governments, communities and civil society, technical agencies, and the private sector across the world.

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About the Green Climate Fund (GCF)
Set up in 2010 by the 194 countries who are Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), GCF takes its responsibility as the world’s largest dedicated multilateral climate fund to heart. GCF funds transformative climate projects across the developing world, supporting countries in their responses and actions to tackle climate change while fostering sustainable development within their communities.

Our country-driven approach ensures that our actions are tailored to the unique circumstances and national aspirations of each nation we support. Besides channeling public and private sector investment through a broad range of financing instruments, GCF builds the capacity of developing countries to take climate action through an extensive Readiness Programme ensuring countries are increasingly well-equipped and financed to manage their climate futures.

Headquartered in the Republic of Korea, GCF operates with a diverse and talented workforce of over 300 people.

Position Objective
The Independent Redress Mechanism (IRM) is an accountability mechanism of the GCF. The IRM responds to complaints by people who believe they have been adversely affected by GCF projects or programs. The IRM also accepts requests by developing countries for the reconsideration of proposals that were denied funding by the GCF Board. Additionally, the IRM has a mandate to provide advice to the Board on GCF’s operational policies and procedures, based on lessons learned from our cases.

The Compliance and Policy Lead (CPL) will report to the Head of the Independent Redress Mechanism and will be responsible for executing and managing the Advisory and Compliance Review functions of the IRM and will provide guidance on all policy matters. This role will require some travel.

Compliance Function:

The IRM receives complaints from project-affected people. If a complaint is declared eligible, it may enter a problem-solving process or a compliance review process. To lead its compliance function, the IRM is seeking a highly qualified professional to execute, manage and supervise all procedural and substantive steps related to the compliance review process.

In line with international best practices, the CPL will ensure that the IRM effectively conducts compliance appraisals and investigations pertaining to the processing of complaints filed by person(s) who may have suffered adverse impacts through a GCF project or programme. The CPL will have extensive experience in the application of environmental and social standards. Currently the IFC Performance Standards serve as the interim Environmental and Social Standards of the GCF.

The CPL will be responsible for managing all aspects of a compliance review process, including but not limited to crafting terms of reference for investigations, leading the organization of missions to project sites, conducting interviews with stakeholders and witnesses, managing budgets, conducting research, and producing relevant procedural documentation such as compliance appraisal reports, compliance review reports and case monitoring reports. The Compliance and Policy Lead will ensure monitoring of decisions taken by the Board following IRM recommendations in compliance investigations.

The CPL will be responsible for supervising and managing staff and consultants tasked with the processing of a case.

The CPL will also be responsible for managing and executing relevant responsibilities related to the Advisory mandate of the IRM, as needed. Per the Terms of Reference, the IRM provides systemic advice to the GCF on policies and procedures with an eye to improving GCF performance and outcomes. The CPL will support the Head of the IRM in identifying lessons learned from casework and feed these back into the GCF and other relevant entities to improve the performance and outcomes of GCF activities.

The CPL will support the Head of the IRM in managing and contributing to advice and/or comments provided to the GCF Secretariat or the Board and the Ethics and Audit Committee on GCF Policies and Procedures as well as the with the preparation of the Work Plan and Budget.

The CPL will contribute to other IRM initiatives around advisory and capacity-building mandates of the IRM, as relevant, and to act for and represent the IRM towards GCF stakeholders.


  • Lead the compliance review function, including leading on compliance appraisals, investigations and/or monitoring of complaints/grievances;
  • Lead the compliance cases and related allocation of resources in close coordination with the Head of IRM and take full ownership for the development and efficient management of processes including all related deliverables in line with the TOR/PGs/SOPs. Ensures full documentation of all related activities.
  • If relevant, lead on processing of reconsideration requests, in line with TORs/PGs/SoPs of the IRM.
  • Develop compliance investigations training and awareness programs in coordination with IRM colleagues, offices of the Secretariat, and partner institutions.
  • Support the development, implementation, and maintenance of recommendations to prevent and address non-compliance with GCF policies;
  • Collaboratively develop, implement, and participate in monitoring activities under proactive prevention and detection initiatives, other IRM projects, and ad hoc assignments. Make policy related recommendations where compliance review findings so warrant.


  • Provide guidance on the conduct of compliance reviews and investigations and the delivery of related advisory services to the Secretariat.
  • Lead on the preparation of procedural and substantive communications pertaining to compliance reviews to the Ethics and Audit Committee, the Board, and external partners.
  • Liaise with GCF counterparts and professional networks, including collaboration in joint investigations, information exchange, and knowledge management.
  • Liaise with and provide regular reports on compliance activities to the Head of the IRM.
  • Carry out functions in a way that protects the credibility of the IRM and supports the Head of the IRM in identifying lessons learned.
  • When delegated by the Head of IRM, lead advisory initiatives.
  • Participate in and provide support for the GCF’s board meetings; meetings of the Ethics and Audit Committee (EAC) and other internal/external events related to the IRM.


  • Under the overall authority of the Head of the IRM, manage IRM compliance investigations and assigned staff members and consultants, including their recruitment, supervision, mentoring, evaluation, and skills development.
  • Prepare and/or supervise the formulation of detailed compliance investigation reports that will be submitted to the Executive Director, the Ethics and Audit Committee of the Board, and any other relevant authority as prescribed in applicable GCF Policies.
  • Ensure the continued monitoring of cases following such a decision by the Board and ensure all monitoring activities are documented.
  • Prepare statistics and information for reporting to the Ethics and Audit Committee and to the GCF Board on the performance and outcomes of the compliance review and investigation function of the IRM.
  • Prioritize and plan the use of resources and budget to achieve required outputs and results;
  • Support the drafting of Annual Budget and Work Plan;
  • Contributes to the preparation of periodic progress reports to the Board, the EAC and the general public.
  • atives on employee engagement and business outcomes to optimize HR processes.

Requirements (Education, experience, technical competencies required of the job)


  • Master’s degree in a subject relevant to compliance, law, public administration, management, or governance.


  • Minimum thirteen (13) years of relevant experience, at least ten (10) years of which should be in either a) undertaking and/or leading compliance reviews and investigations of complaints/grievance cases, preferably at the international level or b)
  • Project experience in the implementation of international Environmental/Social standards with an excellent understanding of compliance with such standards.
  • Project experience in the implementation of Environmental/Social standards and/or analysis of compliance of such standards.
  • Experience in working internationally and in a developing country context.


  • Excellent knowledge of compliance review and investigative techniques, and ability to manage and impart sensitive information.
  • Strong analytical and legal skills with the ability to interpret complex legal and financial information within the context of applicable environmental and social guiding frameworks;
  • Strong advocacy and liaison skills and proven ability to communicate with peers as well as to communicate with GCF stakeholders;
  • Knowledge of institutional policy frameworks and environmental and social safeguards and project cycle (required);
  • Strong ability to analyze, evaluate, summarize and effectively present technical information;
  • Demonstrated capacity to produce concise and thorough reports of assessments, recommendations, case studies and reviews;
  • Knowledge of the use of digital investigation tools is an advantage;
  • Excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken, together with the excellent English drafting skills; and
  • Familiarity with other UN languages is an advantage.


  • Demonstration of having worked with a high level of independence, integrity and impartiality;
  • Ability to use well-reasoned and considered judgement on sensitive matters in complex situations;
  • Results-oriented and resilient;
  • Effective team player with the ability to persuade and influence colleagues;
  • Strong interpersonal skills, and highly developed cultural and gender sensitivity in communicating with all levels of staff, stakeholders including external clients, both orally and in writing;
  • Capacity to work effectively with a range of stakeholders including private sector, government, NGOs and project affected communities;
  • Highly motivated individual who can juggle multiple priorities, working within tight deadlines; and
  • Committed to the mission of the GCF including its multicultural environment.

The closing date for application is 05 May 2024. Applications submitted after the deadline may not be considered.

*The person assessed by the Selection Panel as most suitable for the position will be proposed for appointment. Selection among short-listed candidates will also take into account performance at interview, appropriate testing, and references.

Applications from women and nationals of developing countries are strongly encouraged to apply.



Incheon, South Korea
This job has expired.