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The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is a treaty-based international, inter-governmental organization dedicated to supporting and promoting strong, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in developing countries and emerging economies. To learn more please visit about GGGI web page.

Over the last decade, GGGI has consolidated its role as a trusted advisor to Mexico’s federal and subnational governments, actively working with key counterparts to establish a solid foundation for green growth in the country. In recent years, GGGI has partnered with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF), as well as with the United Kingdom through its UKPACT program, to improve the architecture of climate finance in the country and improve Mexico’s access to climate resources by preparing local financial institutions, highlighting the role of development banking, to access GCF funds.

GGGI Mexico has a growing portfolio of programs managing a diverse set of programs and projects focused on four key thematic areas of energy, green cities, water, and land-use as well as the cross-cutting areas of climate change and socially inclusive development, all of which contribute significantly to the potential for achieving green growth in Mexico.

Following these thematic areas, GGGI Mexico has supported the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) via its General Directorate of Policies for Climate Action (DGPAC) and its International Affairs Coordinating Unit (UCAI) in the development of the Mexico’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), for elements and initial information for a first draft of the roadmap in its mitigation component.

To strengthen these efforts, GGGI seeks technical support to collaborate with SEMARNAT in the implementation process of the NDC roadmap and enhancing its transparency, as well as relevant instruments that feed this component, such as the continuous updating of the Special Climate Change Program (PECC), and the monitoring and reporting of mitigation actions carried out in the different platforms implemented by SEMARNAT, the SIAT-PECC and the Subnational SIAT.

Also, within this context, an independent mitigation consultant is needed to support SEMARNAT and GGGI Mexico in technical discussions with governments and other relevant key stakeholders, and for the organization of meetings and workshops.


The objective of the consultancy is to technically support SEMARNAT-DGPAC in the development process of the Mexico’s NDC roadmap by improving operation and enhancement of transparency, MRV systems and mitigation policies that need to be included in the NDC to enable its efficient and impactful implementation.

The consultancy will update, monitor, and evaluate existing reporting frameworks while building capacity within GT-MITIG and GT-PECC-subgroup members and Subnational Governments to properly account for Mexico’s progress and support in increasing its mitigation ambition.


[A] Activities

The consultancy must carry out at least the following activities for the different components:

1. Implementation of Mexico’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) roadmap

  • Technical support for the Implementation of Mexico’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) in accordance with SEMARNAT and GGGI.

2. Technical support with the climate change policy monitoring, registry and verification systems of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT):

(1) Information System of the Transparency Agenda for the Special Climate Change Program (SIAT-PECC):

  • Preparation of the technical and documentary bases for updating the Special Climate Change Program (PECC).
  • Technical support in the reporting activities for the ordinary periods of 2023 and 2024.
  • Logistical support in the coordination and participation in related activities such as reporting, validation, and assistance for extraordinary periods.
  • Coordinate and monitor the activities related to the Working Groups of Mitigation Policies (GT-MITIG) and the Special Climate Change Program (GT-PECC).

(2) Emissions Trading System (ETS):

  • Technical support in operational activities related to the implementation of the first Operational Phase of the Emissions Trading System.
  • Support the activities related to the Emissions Trading System Advisory Committee.
  • Technical support for monitoring the compliance activities of the participants related to the reporting and verification of emissions, presentation and registration of verified emissions and delivery of allowances by the participants.

(3) National Emissions Registry (RENE)

  • Prepare a draft proposal for the RENE Annual Report.
  • Analysis of the information on the applications for registration of voluntary projects to reduce GHG emissions and prepare a proposal for reporting and systematization of these for SEMARNAT.

(4) Subnational Climate Action Transparency System (SIAT-Subnational)

  • Support SEMARNAT in the consolidation of subnational climate actions in the SIAT-Subnational platform.
  • Participate in the activities for updating and improving the SIAT-Subnational platform, as well as the development of an online video for self-learning.
  • Provide technical and logistical support to platform users in registration activities and progress reporting on subnational climate actions.
  • Follow up on the evaluation and approval process by INECC for the proposals of new climate actions to be carried out by the subnational governments.

[B] Other activities in DGPAC:

  • Contribute to the development of technical inputs, material for the coordination and monitoring of the processes involved in the preparation of the Action Plan for the roadmap of the mitigation component of the NDC, as well as other activities requested by SEMARNAT-DGPAC that may include, among others, the preparation of technical notes, presentations, support in logistics activities for events or workshops, communications or inputs for internal documents and support for topics related to the mitigation climate policy.

The consultant will carry out the collection and generation of information, preparation of technical inputs, preparation of figures and graphs to present the information in a clear and visually attractive way when deemed necessary, as well as the development of technical, logistical activities and all those that are required for the correct and timely implementation of public policy programs on climate change.

To safeguard the confidentiality of the information that SEMARNAT through the DGPAC provides for the development of the activities, a confidentiality letter will be established, through which the consultant ensures to keep the confidentiality and due confidentiality of the information handled and used, which is provided in electronic and/or physical format, and not to provide or disclose data or reports inherent to the services provided.


Under direct supervision of SEMARNAT-DGPAC and GGGI’s Mitigation Senior Associate, the consultant will develop the following deliverables:

Deliverable 1. Workplan.

Develop one (1) detailed work plan that includes at least the following aspects:

  1. Methodology, approach, phases, deadlines, and responsibilities.
  2. Detailed timeline

Deliverable 2. First interim report.

For the reporting period, this document will consolidate the following components: 1) Evidence of the support to the reporting systems of the DGPAC-SEMARNAT, including an introduction and a section with the general report of the support that has been carried out to the platforms; 2) Evidence of the technical support provided for the implementation of Mexico’s NDC, and 3) Support in the development of technical inputs and materials to fulfil other activities requested by the DGPAC-SEMARNAT.

Deliverable 3. Second interim report.

For the reporting period, this document will consolidate the following components: 1) Evidence of the support to the reporting systems of the DGPAC-SEMARNAT, including an introduction and a section with the general report of the support that has been carried out to the platforms; 2) Evidence of the technical support provided for the implementation of Mexico’s NDC, and 3) Support in the development of technical inputs and materials to fulfil other activities requested by the DGPAC-SEMARNAT.

Deliverable 4. Final report.

This report will consolidate one (1) technical document (physical and digital) containing the evidence of the support provided to DGPAC-SEMARNAT, SIAT-PECC, SIAT- Subnational platforms, as well as results and partial results of the Mexico’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) roadmap activities.

The deliverables must have the approval of the DGPAC- SEMARNAT, prior to being delivered to GGGI.

Payment Deliverable Delivery time Percentage
Payment No. 1 Deliverable 1. Workplan. 1 week after signing the contract 10%
Payment No. 2 Deliverable 2. First interim report 15 weeks after signing the contract 20%
Payment No. 3 Deliverable 3. Second interim report 30 weeks after signing the contract 30%
Payment No. 4 Deliverable 4. Final report 40 weeks after signing the contract 40%

All products (documents with their annexes and infographics, diagrams, tables, diagrams, cartography and/or other graphic aspects developed to facilitate the understanding of the technical contents) will be delivered in digital support, in open files that allow their edition.

  • The consultant can use primary and secondary sources of information to prepare the required results.
  • Meetings with GGGI team and relevant entities if needed through interviews, workshops, discussions groups with stakeholders and relevant authorities will be necessary to validate and prioritize the actions that will be developed.
  • Technical integrated work is considered decisive for the achievement of the objectives.
  • It is the consultant’s responsibility to attend all required technical events and meetings.
  • All relevant technical papers, reports, and other documents prepared from the start to the end of the assignment shall be attached to the Final Report.
  • The final report must be approved by GGGI and SEMARNAT. The Consultant shall consider the comments and necessary revisions proposed. Within 14 business days of receipt of comments or proposed amendments, the Consultant shall prepare and submit final versions of the report.

The development of the consultancy will be monitored and coordinated mainly through meetings related to periodic review and planning. The schedule will be defined by GGGI in coordination with the SEMARNAT. Both the workplan and final report (which will be also presented in English), all interim reports or results must be written in Spanish, in accordance with GGGI and SEMARNAT format requirements and must be sent in electronic copy, along with the details of the products associated with the deliverables, including the attendance lists of the consultation spaces and the memory aids generated.


The consultant will be supervised by GGGI Mitigation Senior Associate and SEMARNAT-DGPAC. The consultant will perform aforementioned activities at SEMARNAT’s offices, with the possibility of a home office day, prior agreement with SEMARNAT-DGPAC.


The consultant must meet the following requirements:

  • (REQUIRED) Mexican citizen.
  • (REQUIRED) bachelor’s degree in engineering, economics (e.g. climate change, environmental) or related professions.
  • (REQUIRED) Professional experience of at least six years in national and subnational climate policies and action plans, design, implementation and/or evaluation of environmental policies, and formulation, monitoring, monitoring and evaluation of environmental indicators and criteria, or monitoring, reporting and verification.
  • (REQUIRED) Knowledge of greenhouse gas accounting and climate change protocols.
  • (REQUIRED) Previous work experience with Mexico’s public sector at either federal and/or subnational level (e.g. environmental ministries), international organizations, and other top-level stakeholders (e.g. multilateral development banks).
  • (REQUIRED) Knowledge in the development of climate policy, strategy or plans at national and subnational level.
  • (DESIRED) Advanced studies in sustainable development processes, project planning, management, environmental management, environmental economics or related.
  • Excellent skills in data analysis and critical thinking.
  • Excellent writing, report preparation skills and assertive communication.
  • High performance, motivation, and degree of autonomy.
  • Above average attention to detail.
  • Only applications in English will be evaluated.
Child protection – GGGI is committed to child protection, irrespective of whether any specific area of work involves direct contact with children. GGGI’s Child Protection Policy is written in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Mexico City, Mexico
This job has expired.