National Pasture Management Specialist , FAO – Kyrgyzstan

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Organizational Setting

The main aim of FAO Country Office, headed by an FAO Representative, is to assist governments to develop policies, programmes and projects to achieve food security and to reduce hunger and malnutrition, to help develop the agricultural, fisheries and forestry sectors, and to use their environmental and natural resources in a sustainable manner. FAO Kyrgyzstan assists the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to develop policies, programmes and projects to address the root causes of hunger and malnutrition, to develop the agricultural, fisheries and forestry sectors and to use environmental and natural resources in a sustainable manner. FAO participates in the development and implementation of field projects in the sectors of food security, agriculture and rural development. This requires the integration within the broader framework of sustainable food and agriculture that aims at increasing production and productivity, addressing climate change, and managing natural resources; and enhance rural livelihoods.

In this context, the FAO is implementing in collaboration with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, the GCF- funded project “Carbon Sequestration through Climate Investment in Forests and Rangelands (CS-FOR)” (GCP/KYR/020/GCF). Project activities are aligned to the immediate needs, as well as longer term development challenges associated with Agenda 2030 and beyond. The project objective is to increase carbon sequestration through supporting climate investments in forests and rangelands and through reducing drivers of degradation and emissions via institutional support, participatory ecosystem-based sustainable management of natural resources and green growth investments. This assignment will contribute to project objective, such as to contribute to the development of a low carbon-emission and climate-resilient economy, while capitalizing important co-benefits from adaptation and disaster risk reduction.


Reporting Lines

The incumbent provides support to the project under the general supervision of the FAO Representative for Kyrgyzstan and the direct supervision of the Assistant FAO Representative in the Kyrgyz Republic and Technical Advisor of the project and technical guidance of the National Project Coordinator.


Technical Focus

Natural resource management, pasture, climate change mitigation and adaptation, economics.

Tasks and responsibilities

•    Support senior colleagues in training of Department of Livestock Breeding, Pastures and Feeds (DLBPF) under the Ministry of Water Resources, Agriculture and Processing Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic employees on issues of management and use, tenure mechanisms, policy development, monitoring and assessment of pastures
•    Support for the organisation of an information session on pasture management.
•    Support the DLBPF to update and operate the national evidence-based rangeland monitoring system, taking into account climate change
•    Support the DLBPF in developing the structure, procedure for creation, competence of the Community Landscape Management Groups (CLMGs), training modules.
•    Support senior colleagues how toadvise DLBPF in the development and implementation of Integrated Natural Resource and Climate Resilience Management Plans (INRMCRPs), taking into account analysis of the implications of gender equality and social inclusion analysis;
•    Support the training of the DLBPF and other key institutions in the management and implementation of evidence based INRMCRPs
•    Ensure sustainable monitoring of INRMCRPs with the participation of the DLBPF.
•    Provide technical support to the DLBPF and participates in discussions on the establishment of seed nurseries for pasture grasses, development and implementation of investments in pasture.
•    Provide support to monitor and evaluate the progress of pasture rotations, planting of windbreak forests in pasture areas, carbon sequestration and other activities in pasture areas of the project.
•    Provide expert support during the preparatory phase of the programme to provide credit lines for agribusiness development.
•    Support senior colleagues DLBPF in strengthening rangeland management systems with a focus on climate-smart and evidence-based monitoring and decision making.

Support project management staff to contribute to raising awareness among stakeholders and the local population of the project’s activities, disaggregated by gender.

•    Work closely with the DLBPF, FAO project team, ARIS, and teams from target rural areas to guarantee the effectiveness of work to improve pasture management.
•    Provide regular progress reports and contribute to the development of the overall CS-FOR project reporting process.
•    Support for the preparation of mid-term evaluation and reporting using FAO’s standard monitoring and evaluation (M&E) procedures and adherence to the GCF performance measurement system.
•    Undertake any other project related activities as requested by the PIU/FAO or the National Project Coordinator.



Minimum Requirements   

•    University degree in botany, agronomy, environmental studies or other related agricultural field.
•    Overall 7 years of experience in protecting pastures and assessing their condition (5 years) or in relevant field and/or experience with national, regional or international projects (2 years)
•    Working knowledge of Russian and Kyrgyz.
•    National of the Kyrgyz Republic or resident of the country with valid work permit.

FAO Core Competencies

•    Results Focus
•    Teamwork
•    Communication
•    Building Effective Relationships
•    Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement

Technical/Functional Skills 

•    Excellent communication and inter-personnel skills.
•    Experience in developing analytical materials and design documents, working documentation, management plans;
•    Experience in preparing, organizing and conducting various trainings, consultations and other information and technical assistance;
•    Working experience with ministries, national and municipal institutions, forestry and pasture sectors on national and local level in Kyrgyzstan;
•    Strong drafting, presentation and reporting skills;
•    Strong computer skills, in particular mastery of all applications of the MS Office package (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, Outlook), 1C, experience working with information databases and internet search;
•    Ability to solve problems and the ability to make effective and timely decisions in crisis situations.


Selection Criteria

•    English knowledge would be considered as an advantage.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
This job has expired.