Shelter & WASH Team Leader Ukraine Mykolaiv , NRC

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This job has expired.


This position is open to candidates who have the legal right to work in Ukraine. Please note that we are unable to provide work permits or visa sponsorships for this position.

All NRC employees are expected to work in accordance with the organization’s core values: dedication, innovation, inclusivity, and accountability. These attitudes and believes shall guide our actions and relationships.


1. Role and responsibilities
The following is a brief description of the role.

Generic responsibilities

1. Plan and implement activities and ensure compliance with plans and NRC standards.
2. Engage communities and community leaders for the Shelter and WASH projects implemented by NRC.
3. Suggest new methods and approaches in order to improve the quality of the activities.
4. Administrate payment requests for owners, contractors, partners, suppliers, construction workers etc..
5. Report all technical related concerns.
6. Carry out data collection as required.
7. Prepare and file relevant documents according to procedures.
8. Manage Technical Assistants and fill in for the Project Coordinator when they are away.

Specific responsibilities

 Lead on implementation of Shelter projects in Mykolaiv and Kherson, including both cash and voucher approaches, direct building repairs or rehabilitations, and direct distribution of Non-Food Items.
 Lead assessments of communities, households, schools, and other community assets in line with NRC’s project criteria, in order to support assessments and any other shelter intervention.
 Work with the Shelter Team other NRC staff on the implementation of projects including beneficiary selection, community engagement, assessments, monitoring, distribution, etc.
 Support, guide, and lead the Technical Assistants under the close supervision of the Team Leader.
 Act responsibly and communicate respectfully with stakeholders and beneficiaries, including explaining the NRC assessment and selection process well to people who do not fall within the project criteria.
 Ensure the appropriate documentation is in order for beneficiary contracts and subsequent payments.
 Plan the daily and weekly activities of Shelter teams in relation to:
o Rapid assessments of communities and households.
o Sharing of information with communities and stakeholders.
o Supervision of the implementation of teams work.
o Follow-up of troublesome cases.
o Ensuring closure of work by the anticipated date.
o Response to and follow up on referred cases.
o Management of assigned case-loads, including keeping up-to-date records of numbers of housing units, shelter, and landlords contracted.


Generic professional competencies:

• Minimum of 3 years of work experience that demonstrates skills that can be transferred to this role and the humanitarian sector.
• Experience of working with stakeholders to ensure delivery of projects.
• Relevant experience with NGOs, charities, humanitarian work or similar organisations is an advantage.
• Knowledge of the NGO operations and the dynamics of the humanitarian sector is an advantage.
• Experience in working with communities and vulnerable people is an advantage.

Context/ Specific skills, knowledge and experience:

• Good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Strong organizational and teamwork skills.
• Very good English language proficiency.
• Excellent communication and report writing skills (oral and written).
• Strong computer skills (CAD, Word, Excel, Power point).

Behavioral competencies

 Good cultural awareness and sensitivity.
 Highly approachable, trustworthy and confidential.
 Meeting deadlines.
 Adhering to the NRC standards, policies and guidelines.
 Adapting and coping to change.
 Communicate effectively and respectfully.

This position is open to candidates who have the legal right to work in Ukraine. Please note that we are unable to provide work permits or visa sponsorships for this position.


WORK HOURS: 8 Hours a Day

Mykolaiv, Ukraine
This job has expired.