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Director General


The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is a treaty-based international, inter-governmental organization dedicated to supporting and promoting strong, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in developing countries and emerging economies. To learn more please visit about GGGI web page.

GGGI Governance

Following its conversion to an international organization in 2012, GGGI adopted a new governance structure, which consists of an Assembly, a Council, a Sub-Committee of the Council, and a Secretariat (the Institute).

The Assembly is the supreme organ of GGGI and composed of all Member countries; it meets at least once every two years. The functions of the Assembly include advising on the overall direction of GGGI, reviewing the organization’s progress in meeting its stated objectives, and providing guidance on partnerships with other international, intergovernmental, and private sector organisations. The Assembly also elects Council members and, appoints a Director General.

The Council serves as the executive organ of GGGI and thus approves its financial, procurement, and human resource management regulations, the organization’s strategy, biennial work program and budget, and audited financial statements. The Council consists of no more than seventeen members, among which are contributing and participating members, experts and non-state actors, the host country, as well as the Director General.

The Management and Program Sub-Committee is a body that advises the Council in carrying out its activities to oversee GGGI’s financial reporting and audit, programmatic activities, partnerships, and internal oversight.

The Institute acts as the chief operational organ of GGGI. The Institute is headed by the Director General who is responsible to the Assembly and the Council. Under the guidance of the Assembly and the Council, the Director General represents GGGI externally and provides strategic leadership which enables the organization to carry out its objectives.

Job Summary:

Under the Agreement on the Establishment of the GGGI, the Director General, under the guidance of the Council and Assembly will:

    • Provide strategic leadership for the GGGI.
    • Prepare all necessary operational and financial documents.
    • Report on the overall implementation of the GGGI’s activities and bring to the attention of the Council any matter which he or she considers might impact on the fulfilment of the GGGI’s objectives.
    • Carry out the directions of the Assembly and the Council.
    • Represent the GGGI externally and develop strong relations with Member States and other stakeholders.


This means that the role shall:
    • Provide innovative and strategic leadership with a growth mindset for the development and implementation of the Strategy 2030 and the Global Operational Priorities.
    • Act as the face of GGGI, providing guidance and support to GGGI’s governance bodies and develop a strong relationship with the host country, Republic of Korea.
    • Ensure decisions of the governance bodies are implemented in a timely manner.
    • Lead the overall coordination of GGGI’s work program and provide strategic management of GGGI’s workforce in the Secretariat and across the globe, providing oversight of reporting of results and impacts.
    • Provide strategic leadership to GGGI’s external relations and partnerships, promoting GGGI’s global profile in sustainable green growth.
    • Establish relationships with national governments where GGGI is seen as the centre of excellence in low-carbon economic development.
    • Provide strategic leadership to GGGI’s fundraising and relations with existing and potential contributors and new Member States.


The Director General will have:
    • Proven outstanding strategic leadership abilities, a growth mindset, and senior-level managerial experience with public or private institutions (or entities), including international organizations, with a multi-cultural workforce.
    • A strong background and experience in the field of green growth and a deep understanding of sustainable development agenda from multiple perspectives, such as developing and emerging countries, donor agencies, multilateral development banks, and public and private sectors.
    • Experience with respect to policy advice, capacity building, transfer of technology and development knowledge, including innovation and technology in the area of green growth.
    • Capacity to provide clear strategic focus and vision to GGGI and work with the Executive Staff to align the organization’s mission and goals.
    • Strong commitment to work in a transparent manner with GGGI Member States and capacity to cooperate closely with Contributing and Participating Member States.
    • Excellent communication and representation skills to represent GGGI to its stakeholders as well as the general public and to secure active continuous support of the international community and the private sector.
    • An extensive network and the ability to cooperate effectively and build practical partnerships with relevant stakeholders in order to achieve maximum synergy of GGGI’s work.
    • Full professional proficiency in English is required.
    • A firm commitment to the objectives and activities of GGGI as laid down in Articles 2 and 4 of the Establishment Agreement.
    • Moral authority to model the independent role required by paragraph 6 of Article 10 of the Establishment Agreement.
Terms of Appointment

The initial term of the appointment will be four (4) years, and the person may be reappointed for a further term.

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Child protection – GGGI is committed to child protection, irrespective of whether any specific area of work involves direct contact with children. GGGI’s Child Protection Policy is written in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
WORK HOURS: 8 Hours a Day
Seoul, South Korea
This job has expired.