National Consultant – Lead Coach Consultant Job at ITC-International Trade Centre, Geneva , Switzerland

negotiable / YEAR Expires in 8 hours


Result of Service
Output 1. Development of Training and Coaching Concept: • Update and domesticate the coaching module to fit the Nigeria context within one month of contract commencement. Output 2. Capacity Building for Coaches: • Deliver training sessions and capacity-building workshops for business coaches. • Schedule these sessions quarterly, with evaluations and feedback collected to ensure continuous improvement. Output 3. Video Module Development: • Participate in the development of visual and contextual business coaching modules. • Ensure completion of these modules within two months of resumption.
Work Location
Home-Based in Nigeria, with possibility of local travel
Expected duration
08.07.2024 – 22.12.2024 (120 workdays)
Duties and Responsibilities
BACKGROUND: Established in 1964, the International Trade Centre (ITC) is the joint technical cooperation agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization (WTO) in charge of the sustainable promotion of trade and exports from developing countries and economies in transition. The ITC aims to make businesses in developing countries more competitive in global markets, accelerate economic development and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thus, the organization contributes to creating jobs at the level of segments of agricultural value chains and promising services, especially for young people and women. The Consultant will work within the ‘ARRIVES’ (Assisting the Reintegration of Returnees through Integrated Vocational and Entrepreneurship Support in Nigeria) project, which supports voluntarily returning migrants from Germany to Nigeria. The project covers the entire process of return from pre-return coaching in Germany, to post-arrival reintegration support and is being implemented by ITC and two NGO partners. Within the consortium, ITC focuses on three areas of intervention with a view to strengthening the sustainable economic reintegration: • Designing and implementing an entrepreneurship coaching component post-return in Nigeria; • Enhancing the capacity of local partners to provide customized support to returnee businesses; • Improving the knowledge of the needs of returnees and recommendations for economic support activities by providing structured intelligence to project partners and returnees. DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: Given the nature of the assignment, the incumbent must be physically based in Nigeria and willing to visit clients’ business premises. The incumbent may be required to certify that they have no conflict of interest involving any of the project’s stakeholders at the federal and state levels, including implementing partners and participants. The Consultant will work under the supervision of the Head, Refugees and Trade and work directly in close collaboration with the Project Coordinator ARRIVES in Nigeria. The incumbent will monitor the business coaching team, ensuring the effective implementation of coaching sessions and the overall success of the returnees’ businesses: Training and Coaching Concept: • Guide the development of tailored training and coaching plans by the business coaches for each returnee. • Ensure that these plans align with the overall coaching framework to maximise effectiveness and relevance. • Contextualise and localise the business coaching modules to ensure they are fit for the Nigerian market. Capacity Building for Coaches: • Provide capacity building and training for the business coaches to enhance their skills and effectiveness. • Facilitate workshops and training sessions for coaches to ensure consistent delivery of high-quality coaching services. • Conduct monthly check-in meeting with assigned business coaches. Module Development: • Participate in developing visuals for the business coaching modules to enhance understanding and engagement. Feedback and Learning: • Share insights and feedback from coaching sessions with the coaching team to continually refine and enhance the coaching framework. Problem Solving: • Assist returnees in identifying and overcoming business challenges and barriers. • Offer practical solutions and strategies to address these obstacles. Collaboration: • Work closely with project partners and stakeholders to coordinate support services for returnees. • Facilitate access to resources such as finance, market linkages, and business development opportunities. Consultant has to ensure that s/he has obtained the necessary permissions with regard to intellectual property rights required to perform his/her services under this consultancy contract and for the subsequent dissemination by ITC in any form. Documentary proof is to be submitted to ITC. Should any license fee be due for the use of copyrighted materials of third parties, the Consultant shall request prior written permission from ITC. S/he has further to ensure to obtain accreditation to event(s), if required. ITC champions workforce diversity, inclusion, gender equality and gender parity and considers all qualified persons – of all genders – equally, including those with disabilities, without discrimination or prejudice of any kind.
Qualifications/special skills
Master’s degree in business/social sciences or similar field of study, proven experience in coaching programs for MSMEs and qualification measures for business development organizations. At least ten years of relevant experience in business consulting, advisory and coaching. A good understanding of Nigeria’s MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) landscape and peculiarities. Experience in delivering business development service provider services. Experience working with business development service providers. Networks of hubs, and training centres in Nigeria. Business Coaching Expertise: Proficient in providing one-on-one coaching to entrepreneurs, with expertise in coaching methodologies and best practices. Entrepreneurship Knowledge: In-depth understanding of business planning, financial management, and market analysis to support returnees in starting and growing their businesses. Effective Communication: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, capable of conveying complex concepts clearly and building rapport with diverse audiences. Problem-Solving Ability: Skilled in analyzing business challenges and developing practical solutions to overcome obstacles, demonstrating sound judgment and decision-making. Cultural and Social Sensitivity: Respectful of cultural differences and able to work effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds, showing sensitivity to returnees’ unique experiences and needs. Organizational Skills: Strong organizational and time management abilities, adept at managing multiple priorities and delivering high-quality work under pressure. Collaborative Teamwork: Capable of working collaboratively within multidisciplinary teams to achieve project goals, contributing ideas and supporting colleagues as needed. Capacity Building: Experience in delivering training and capacity-building workshops to enhance the skills of other business coaches. Technology Proficiency: Proficient in using digital tools and platforms for remote coaching sessions, demonstrating comfort with technology-enabled coaching methods. Team Leadership: Proven ability to lead, mentor, and support a team of business coaches, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment. Strategic Thinking: Ability to think strategically and develop long-term plans to enhance the impact of the coaching program. Local Market Insight: Deep understanding of the Nigerian market and its economic sectors, including knowledge of local business practices, regulatory environments, and market opportunities. Networking Skills: Strong networking abilities to build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including government agencies, industry associations, and potential investors. Conflict Resolution: Skills in managing and resolving conflicts within the coaching team, ensuring a positive and productive coaching environment. Mentorship Experience: Previous experience mentoring other coaches or entrepreneurs, providing guidance, support, and professional development.
Advanced English is required.
Additional Information
There are 2 available positions: one in Abuja, Nigeria, the other in Lagos, Nigeria.
No Fee
Geneva, Switzerland