Environmental & Social Safeguards Specialist

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    Environment and Natural Resources, Information and Communication Technology, Social and Inclusive Development
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Organizational Setting

The key mission of the FAO Representation in Somalia, which is led by the FAO Representative (FAOR), is to assist and support the national government in developing policies, strategies and programme aimed at accelerating the implementation and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in FAO’s global mandate and strategic objectives.

More specifically, FAO’s response aims to address national needs and priorities in achieving food security, reducing hunger and malnutrition, developing agricultural, fishery and forestry sectors, ensuring the sustainable use of environmental and natural resources and responding to recurrent emergencies.

The current portfolio of activities of the FAO Representation in Somalia includes a wide scope of technical support interventions ranging from policy support through livestock and crop production to natural resource management, Nutrition, value chain, food security analysis and water and land information management. FAO is also implementing several emergency, resilience-building, and development interventions, with the support of its five field offices and close to 400 staff in partnership with the Federal and State line ministries.


Reporting Lines

The Environmental & Social Safeguards Specialist will be under the overall supervision of the FAO Representative in Somalia, the direct supervision of Head of Programme, and in close collaboration with the relevant FAO focal points for coordination of SCRP activities.


Technical Focus 

The Environmental & Social Safeguards Specialist will provide strategic direction and technical support on the Environmental and Social Safeguards for activities under the World Bank-funded FAO portfolio and in particular the SCRP.  The incumbent shall ensure that Environmental and Social Safeguarding standards are met as per donor as well FAO requirements and support on Environmental and Social Safeguarding (ESS) aspects of new project design and proposal development.


Tasks and Responsibilities

•    Coordinate and supervise all the Environmental and Social Safeguarding (ESS) related issues under the World Bank-funded FAO portfolio and in particular the SCRP. 
•    Support on ESS aspects of new project design and proposal development where relevant.
•    Monitoring relevant programme components activities placing special emphasis on the identified Environmental and Social (E&S) risks and take immediate remedial measures to ensure compliance. 
•    Work with project teams to design safeguard screening of relevant activities as well as participate in site assessments and screening and ensure safeguards criteria are applied.
•    Ensure inclusion of any specific design requirements for safeguards that have been identified during screening process for country programmes from all units including river embankment, barrages, irrigation/drainage rehabilitation and other agriculture, fisheries, and livestock infrastructural projects aspects. 
•    Administering training of relevant government safeguards officers at federal and state level to ensure safeguarding assessment, design recommendations, implementation of any action plan and compliance of contractors to safeguards standards at irrigation and flood infrastructure sites.
•    Review Environmental and Social Monitoring Framework (ESMF) for activities under the various FAOSO projects and prepare action plan for implementation.
•    Develop Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) plan for relevant projects and define the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) that should be followed to minimize the impact on human health and the environment.
•    Develop EHS procedures for construction and rehabilitation of small-scale rural water supply structures including micro irrigation activities.
•    Prepare and apply all necessary ESS instruments for the respective works per the World Bank (or other resource partner) requirements.
•    Oversee compliance with all ESS requirements by Contractors and their Sub-Contractors.
•    Ensure local partners are trained on ESS instruments and risk mitigation measures. 
•    Review and participate on drafting and follow-up the implementation of Environmental & Social related LoUs and LoAs.
•    Conduct safeguards screening with design recommendations.
•    Engage with Project Implementation Unit (PIU) & UNOPS on safeguarding during design and implementation phases.
•    Carry out internal monitoring of ESS by providing relevant report to be shared with implementation partners.
•    Working with the various technical teams under the SCRP and other relevant projects to ensure all ongoing activities are in line with ESS standards.
•    Facilitate external audits with development partners and service providers.
•    Establish close linkages and work closely with Government ESS officers at Federal and state level to ensure state follow up on their obligations to adhere to set ESS standards and reporting requirement.
•    Train supervision staff, FAO´s implementing partners under the SCRP Portfolio and other relevant counterparts on safeguards compliance and its practical application in construction works, agriculture, fisheries, and livestock activities.
•    Monitor safeguard compliance by Contractors’ workers and implementing partners.
•    Ensure standardization of all ESS reporting from implementation partners.
•    Prepare donor reports on safeguards in timely manner.
•    Review implementing partner ESS records to ensure quality and conformity to set ESS and recommend any required remedial methods.
•    Travel to project sites (security permitting) to monitor and supervise safeguard compliance works.
•    Perform other related duties as required.




Minimum Requirements

•    University degree in environmental management, environment science, or a related field.
•    Five years of relevant experience in field evaluation of Environmental & Social Safeguards.
•    Working knowledge (level C) of English, French or Spanish and limited knowledge (level B) of one of the other two or Arabic, Chinese, Russian for COF.REG. Working knowledge of English level C for PSA.SBS.


FAO Core Competencies

•    Results Focus 
•    Teamwork
•    Communication
•    Building Effective Relationships
•    Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement


Technical/Functional Skills  

•    Experience in developing an action plan extracting information from Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) to guide Environmental and Social Standards (ESS) implementation.
•    Experience in developing Environmental and Health (EHS) procedures.
•    Experience in designing standards and instruments for safeguarding compliance and screening.
•    Experience in developing EHS SOPs to be used in auditing ESS internally as well as by implementation partners to ensure standardization in reporting.