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NATO offers you more than a job. It gives you a mission: building peace and security for one billion people in Europe and North America.

We are a unique multinational flying force with operational capability located at the NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen. With its 14 E-3A aircraft, our organization plays a critical role in NATO and our mission is to deliver ready, responsive Airborne Early Warning, Battle Management, and Command and Control capability to operational commanders in support of NAC-approved tasks.

The Mission Systems Engineering Centre (MSEC) provides industry standard system engineering and maintenance to the NAEW&CF for NE-3A on-board mission, sensor, and ground support systems using its on-site engineering facilities and test laboratories for testing, training and troubleshooting.

The Sensors & Ground Software Engineering Branch is responsible for providing technical support to the project portfolio as well as for managing the product catalogue for all NE-3A radar sensor software, NE-3A ESM sensor software and NE-3A ground support software engineering aspects.

The incumbent is responsible for analyzing sensor related engineering change requests with respect to engineering of possible solutions and the impact to design, implementation, integration, verification and validation, operation, certification and life cycle maintenance. The work will be performed mainly in the field of the E-3A Sensor software, with specialization in electronic support measures (ESM). Working in a software maintenance environment, he/she will be responsible to direct, perform and assess a wide variety of software engineering tasks according to defined processes, using accepted engineering practices.

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  • Enabling and executing the efficient maintenance (both in-house and outsourced) and user support of E-3A operational sensor software and data bases, related test and development software, software for equipment maintenance, and related support software;
  • Providing system analysis support and liaison with Industry for the life cycle sustainment and replacement / upgrade of mission system commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, firmware and software components (continuous engineering efforts);
  • Liaison with other E-3 communities in all matters pertaining to sensor software, as well as in all matters pertaining to continuous engineering efforts and impacts on sensor software;
  • Providing technical expertise, advice and support on sensor software to external entities;
  • Providing technical expertise, advice and support on continuous engineering efforts and impacts on sensor software to external entities;
  • Performing technical coordination of continuous engineering efforts and on sensor software changes with outsourced maintainers /government and industry partners;
  • Performing technical coordination of continuous engineering efforts and on sensor software changes to interfacing systems with other entities;
  • Preparing and assessing evaluations / analysis reports of “Issues” / problem reports related to sensor software;
  • Preparing and assessing evaluations / analysis reports of engineering change requests related to sensor software;
  • Participating in the creation of the system hazard analysis report with respect to the engineering changes and their risk classification (using RTCA DO-178B, RTCA/DO-254, RTCA/DO-160 and related standards as guidance);
  • Evaluating the change requirements with the customer or senior user and formalizing them;
  • Supporting the specification and design of information systems, their components and architecture to meet defined mission needs;
  • Supporting or defining, maintaining and communicating system interfaces and ensuring consistency and compatibility at system level;
  • Contributing to the incremental and logical integration and testing of components and/or subsystems and their interfaces in order to create operational systems;
  • Specifying and maintaining / supporting Industry with respect to system and software specifications that are suitable for continuous engineering and software development and for integration and system tests to validate the correctness of engineering changes;
  • Sharing in software engineering level support for independent system level testing, to include preparation of the tests and analysis support for recorded test results;
  • Executing analysis of causes and incidents of E-3A mission system failures (including in-flight trouble-shooting) and effecting appropriate action to correct problems;
  • Acting as a Project Leader who is responsible for assessing the project feasibility, defining the approach, planning, managing and controlling progress and managing project deviations;
  • Participating in feasibility studies, evaluating proposed sensor related engineering changes;
  • Reviewing and providing requirements definition and refinement for engineering changes to be developed by external entities;
  • Supporting industry for hosting, integration, qualification and certification of commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware, firmware and software products;
  • Providing technical assistance and on-site support for weapon system improvement programmes;
  • Conducting technical reviews of engineering change packages produced by internal and external entities;
  • Providing analysis for determination of mission system performance;
  • Creating and maintaining training/test scenarios to simulate sensor system states and process flows;
  • Ensuring compliance with norms and standards;
  • Contributing to decisions about tools, methods and approaches;
  • Performing ramp and in-flight ESM system] trouble-shooting / evaluations and other direct engineering support on-board the E-3A.





  • University Degree and 2 years function related experience, or Higher Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 4 years post related experience;
  • 3 years recent experience with software integration, software development and project work;
  • General up-to-date knowledge of software engineering related software life cycle models, methods, techniques, metrics and tools;
  • Working level knowledge of project management;
  • Proven ability to work structured and systematically, profound software analysis and engineering expertise;
  • Proven ability to analyze and integrate systems consisting of hardware, software and data;
  • General knowledge of requirement tooling;
  • 3 years practical experience in management functions as project or team leader;
  • In-depth knowledge of systematic testing;
  • Working level knowledge on configuration management, quality assurance and quality management.
  • Recent experience in testing of embedded systems;
  • In-depth knowledge of hardware (UNIX workstations, Personal Computers), firmware and operating systems (UNIX, MS Windows);
  • Broad knowledge of contemporary industry standard COTS products that are used for embedded and real-time systems;
  • Proof of successful completion of training in at least 3 computer programming languages;
  • Working level knowledge of Electronic Support Measures (ESM) theory and passive sensor system technology and operation;
  • Solid understanding of ISO 9001 requirements;
  • Very good knowledge of ISO 12207;
  • Adequate level of Automatic Data Procession (ADP) systems is essential;
  • The work, both oral and written, in this post and in this Headquarters as a whole is conducted mainly in English. Consequently, adequate level of English proficiency is required.





  • Recent experience with analysis, design, development / sustainment, integration of airborne IT systems from Aerospace Industry and/or military organizations;
  • 3 years recent experience with system hardware, firmware and software integration;
  • Experience in automated tools supporting software engineering activities;
  • Knowledge about Industry standard software architectures of embedded and real-time systems;
  • In-depth knowledge of the E-3A ESM product(s) (requirements, software and its interfaces);
  • Knowledge of Configuration Management tools;
  • 1 year recent experience working in an organization or entity that is ISO 9001 certified, or that uses ISO 9001 as a guideline;
  • 1 year recent experience working in an organization or entity that is ISO 12207 certified, or that uses ISO 12207 as a guideline;
  • Working level knowledge of ISO 15288;
  • 1 year recent experience working in an organization or entity that is ISO 17025 certified, or that uses ISO 17025 as a guideline;
  • Comprehensive understanding and knowledge of system engineering, airworthiness and test requirements from RTCA/DO 160, RTCA/DO 254 or equivalent standards;
  • Practical experience in management functions as project or team leader;
  • Substantial practical experience on project management;
  • Certification in project management, obtained by a recognized professional project management organization or through an academic degree in project management;
  • Master’s degree (or equivalent) in the field of Computing or in a related engineering field with substantial Information Technology (IT) content;
  • Proof of training in System Engineering techniques and tools;
  • Member of recognized professional institution or body;
  • Chartered Engineer.





Please attach any documentation (proof of highest education, diplomas, certificates, testimonials etc.) that you consider to be particularly relevant to the qualification requirements specified in this advertisement.





Serving civilian members of NATO will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations.

Newly recruited staff will be initially offered a definite duration contract of three years. Thereafter, an indefinite duration contract might be offered.




Salary value indicated in this vacancy notice is based on NATO`s Single Salary Spine scale.





  • Excellent tax-free salary, including (where eligible) expatriation, family and children’s allowances and additional privileges for expatriate staff; 
  • Education allowance for children (where applicable) and an excellent private health insurance scheme; 
  • Generous annual leave and home leave (if eligible); 
  • Retirement Pension Plan.





Please note that the test/interview (if invited) is conducted in accordance with current COVID-19 restrictions (if applicable). Our recruitment team will provide further guidance for invited candidates.





Please note that due to the large volume of applications, the screening process may take up to 2 months after closing date. We appreciate your patience.