National ICT Associate to support ICT development at the PPAs

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National ICT Associate to support ICT development at the PPAs
Procurement Process : IC – Individual contractor
Deadline : 08-Apr-24 @ 12:59 PM (New York time)
Published on : 28-Mar-24 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area : OTHER
Reference Number : UNDP-LAO-00292
Contact : Kongthanou Khanthavixay, Procurement Analyst –
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Introduction :

Country: Vientiane, Lao PDR

Description of the Assignment:

The National consultant will work under the direct supervision of the UNDP STEPS Project’s Chief Technical Specialist and working directly with the National Assembly, the Governance Unit Team, and other relevant partners, to support inception phase activities.

The ICT associate is required to:

– Support the assessment of the PPA preparedness for utilizing ICT investments, and ensure in the short term that the relevant ICT investments and assets that are introduced at the PPAs are deployed and operationalized as intended and expected.

– Assist the National ICT expert and the International ICT expert to ensure that the PPAs gradually build up processes, organizational structures, capacities and knowledge to ensure ongoing ICT and media operations.

– Assist the National ICT expert and the International ICT expert to ensure that PPA leadership recognizes ICT governance and their critical roles therein, and understands the available management tools to ensure adequate planning and mobilization of ICT resources towards a well-functioning PPA ICT function.

The successful applicant will be expected to be responsible for the following:

1. Conduct pre-delivery missions to selected PPA, including the following tasks:

  • Assess what equipment is already there
  • Check where the equipment will be placed
  • Confirm what will be delivered
  • Identify and meeting the ICT focal point
  • Assess issues, needs, gaps in being able to use the equipment, eg connectivity
  • Oversee the process for installation to take place
  • Understand how training will take place after delivery

2. Overseeing delivery and adoption of ICT equipment and infrastructure – provided by UNDP STEPS, including overseeing the work of the local ICT service provider including the verification, allocation and delivery of ICT equipment to the PPAs, and installation and handover of the equipment at/to the PPAs.

3. Supporting the roll out of the PPA websites and assisting the PPAs to establish related internal content management processes, SOPs, including by conducting website workshops with PPA senior officers, and explaining aspects of content management, hosting and related responsibilities, establishing initial content management plans, roles and responsibilities, processes and following the roll out by monitoring and providing ad-hoc support.

4. monitoring and providing initial technical assistance, advisory and training support to PPA staff for their role in maintaining the donated and installed WiFi network solution for each PPA.

5. Continuously assessing ICT development gaps at the PPA, including at the levels of ICT infrastructure, ICT policies, ICT operations and regular reporting these to UNDP STEPS, the PPA leadership and NA, with proposals for follow up actions and projects.

6.Formulating – in collaboration with PPA designated ICT staff – follow up ICT actions and projects, once endorsed by PPAs, NA and UNDP STEPS, and ultimately the first ICT annual workplan(s).

7. Assisting PPAs leadership and ICT managers in developing their first ICT annual budget forecasts and proposed budget plans, based on the initial ICT workplans.

8. Assisting PPA leadership in establishing the internal ICT organization/unit, defining an ICT service catalogue, discuss, define ICT manager responsibilities and operational processes.

9.Assisting PPA leadership in establishing ICT policies for security, data, access control, assets & acceptable use, and how to implement and govern.

10.Participating and promoting innovation knowledge sharing across all 18 PPAs on ICT issues across various channels (incl. e.g., WhatsApp groups) and annual / regular PPA-NA innovation knowledge sharing forums and meetings.

Period of assignment/services : 90 working days.

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Vientiane, Laos
This job has expired.