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    Audit and Oversight, Budget and Accounting, Evaluation, Finance, Management and Strategy
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The ITER Organization brings together people from all over the world to be part of a thrilling human adventure in southern France—building the ITER Tokamak. We require the best people in every domain.

We offer challenging full-time assignments in a wide range of areas and encourage applications from candidates with all levels of experience, from recent graduates to experienced professionals. Applications from under-represented ITER Members and from female candidates are strongly encouraged as the ITER Organization supports diversity and gender equality in the workplace.


ITER Organization (IO) is an Equal Opportunity/Inclusive organization committed to diversity in the workplace, with diversity and Inclusiveness being one of the ITER Values.


As IO attracts and retains people coming from a vast array of different backgrounds and cultures, bias and exclusion cannot be tolerated. IO believes it is our diverse perspectives and backgrounds that gives unique strength and value to the ITER mission, regardless of race, member nation, gender, religion, status, sexual orientation, or disability – all are welcome and respected at ITER.

Our working environment is truly multi-cultural, with 29 different nationalities represented among staff. The ITER Organization Code of Conduct gives guidance in matters of professional ethics to all staff and serves as a reference for the public with regards to the standards of conduct that third parties are entitled to expect when dealing with the ITER Organization.

The south of France is blessed with a very privileged living environment and a mild and sunny climate. The ITER Project is based in Saint Paul-lez-Durance, located between the southern Alps and the Mediterranean Sea—an area offering every conceivable sporting, leisure, and cultural opportunity.


To see why ITER is a great place to work, please look at this video


Application deadline: 16/04/2023

Domain: Director-General

Section: Internal Audit Service

Job Family: Line Management and Group Leaders

Job Role: Section Leader

Job Grade: P5

Language requirements: Fluent in English (written & spoken)

Contract duration: Up to 5 years



In this role, you will lead and oversee the Internal Audit Service (IAS) activities and team members to ensure the coordination of internal audits, promote continuous improvement of operational excellence and best practices, including leading and performing the most complex and / or sensitive assignments.

Additionally, you will bring a systematic, disciplined, and global approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of organizational risk management, control and governance.

You shall advise and guide the ITER Organization’s (IO) Director-General by providing objective analyses, appraisals, recommendations, counsel, and information concerning the activities reviewed.



Within the ITER Organization, the Director-General shall establish an “Internal Audit Service” which shall be under his authority. The Internal Audit Service/Service shall report directly to the Director-General on a routine basis and shall report, after consultation with the Director-General, to the external Financial Audit Board (established to undertake the audit of the Annual Financial Report of the ITER Organization in accordance with Article 17 of the ITER Agreement https://www.iter.org/legal/status) on significant internal audit matters.

The Internal Audit Service is directly aligned and accountable to the Director-General and Project priorities. The IAS’ scope is defined in the Project Resource Management Regulations of the IO: audit, investigation, management services, and organizational performance evaluation, and provides independent, objective, assurance and consulting to add value and improve the IO administration and operations.


Key Duties, Scope, and Level of Accountability

  • Establishes a risk-based audit plan, including risk management, control, governance processes, and resource estimate consistent with IO goals, reporting to the Director-General and the Financial Audit Board for plan implementation;
  • Provides auditing and advisory services by issuing independent opinions and advice on governance, risk management and control processes and promoting sound financial management;
  • Provides leadership for the Service, managing its staff members, ensuring they are performing their assigned duties, are well motivated, and constantly developing their own skills and experience for the benefit of themselves and ITER Organization (IO);
  • Provides guidance, monitoring and coaching to IAS staff, to ensure consistency in the implementation of the IO procedures and maintain audit trails, with the support of external resources as necessary;
  • Establishes and maintains professional internal audit practices within the ITER Organization consistent with the internal auditors’ International Professional Practices Framework, providing both mandatory and recommended guidance;
  • Establishes IAS quality assurance and improvement program to cover all aspects of the internal audit;
  • Designs, coordinates, and executes approved assurance and consulting engagements to assess the adequacy & effectiveness of management systems for controlling, risk management, administration, budgetary and financial management, and information technology governance, and to then report the results of the engagements;
  • Monitors the status of the actions implemented based on the agreed audit recommendations by the relevant stakeholders, who are accountable to reduce the residual risks to appropriate levels;
  • Performs quality reviews on audit and management engagements to ensure objectives are achieved, proposing and implementing course correction or change management when necessary;
  • Provides regular and ad-hoc status reports on audit initiatives and activities;
  • Assists in the formulation and update of anti-fraud policy, code of ethics, and is maintained informed on their implementation by the Human Resources and Legal Affairs units;
  • Conducts special audits, inspections and examinations at the request of the Director-General;
  • Advises the Director-General and the Financial Audit Board on any matters relating to the Internal Audit, organizational risk management, controls and governance;
  • Develops and maintains a continuous and fruitful dialogue with the auditees, and other stakeholders or contributors/specialists to ensure the relevance of findings and the quality and feasibility of the recommendations, and consults appropriately when actions have to be taken;
  • Demonstrates and encourages a continuous improvement mind-set in the audit function; stays up to date with new and emerging trends that impact the risk function;
  • Provides official documents and reporting to the Director-General after conclusion of the Audit, assurance and consulting engagements;
  • Liaises with the other institutions and bodies, in particular in the context of existing professional networks, for the purpose of exchanging best practice;
  • May be required to work outside ITER Organization reference working hours, including nights, weekends and public holidays.


Measures of Effectiveness

  • Manages the Service to meet deadlines and deliver work that meets safety standards, quality, schedule and cost requirements;
  • Ensures Service members are motivated and adequately trained to reach their objectives within defined parameters;
  • Develops and manages the annual audit plan within the defined quality, schedule, and cost;
  • Provides efficient and high quality assurance and consulting services to the Director-General, the Financial Audit Board and to the management in general, within defined timelines;
  • Monitors the follow-up and implementation of corrective actions within defined timelines;
  • Establishes and maintains a positive and constructive relationship with all ITER staff members.


Experience & Profile

  • Professional Experience:
    • Minimum 10 years’ experience in internal audit services within complex international environments or projects.
  • Education:
    • Masters’ degree or equivalent in business administration, public administration, finance, or other relevant discipline;
    • CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) certificate or other similar certificate for professional recognition of internal auditors such as CA, CPA or equivalent are required.
    • The required education degree may be substituted by extensive professional experience involving similar work responsibilities and/or additional training certificates in relevant domains.
  • Language requirements:
    • Fluent in English (written and spoken).
  • Technical competencies and demonstrated experience in:
    • Analysis and risk management: analysis of business or technical processes to anticipate and adapt practices, identify risks, develop and execute audit procedures, and propose relevant solutions considering the environment and its constraints;
    • Project management: planning, measuring progress, managing risks and costs, and reporting on progress to manage programs or initiatives within the constraints of human and financial constraints;
    • Designing, controlling or auditing complex business processes related to project management, or procurement, or contract management;
    • Audit case management and follow up, applying procedures within international environments: ensures execution of audit actions and decisions, adapting or updating practices as necessary;
    • Problem solving: assess problems, identify root causes, and reach practical solutions in a consistent way to reach project objectives;
    • Quality Management: knowledge of product and/or management requirements for international quality standards, methods, and practices;
    • Interface management: identify, maintain, and / or resolve technical and functional interfaces to reach Project goals;
    • Application of international accounting standards IPSAS and auditing standards such as those of the Institute of Internal Auditors;
    • Proficiency working with ERP systems, particularly SAP;
    • Experience in similar roles and responsibilities in International Organizations, or Multi-National Corporation is considered advantageous.
  • IO Core Behavioral Competencies:
    • Collaborate: Ability to facilitate dialogue and build productive and cooperative working relationships with hierarchy, partners, and stakeholders;
    • Communicate Effectively: Ability to adjust communication content and style to deliver messages to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment;
    • Drive results: Ability to persist in the face of challenges to meet deadlines with high standards;
    • Manage Complexity: Ability to analyze multiple and diverse sources of information to understand/define problems accurately before moving to proposals;
    • Instill trust: Ability to apply high standards of team mindset, trust, excellence, loyalty, integrity and ethics.
  • Additional Behavioral Competencies:
    • Builds effective teams: builds strong identity teams that apply their skills and perspectives to achieve common goals;
    • Directs work: provides direction, delegating tasks and removing obstacles to move work forward handling sensitive information;
    • Ensures accountability: holds self and others accountable to meet commitments, promoting an environment of accountability across the organization, leveraging management systems to monitor organizational performance against goals.




The following important information shall apply to all jobs at ITER Organization:


  • Maintains a strong commitment to the implementation and perpetuation of the ITER Safety Program, ITER Values (Trust; Loyalty; Integrity; Excellence; Team mind set; Diversity and Inclusiveness) and Code of Conduct;
  • ITER Core Technical Competencies (Knowledge of these competencies may be acquired through on-board training at basic understanding level for all ITER staff members) :

1) Nuclear Safety, Environment, Radioprotection and Pressured Equipment

2) Occupational Health, Safety & Security

3) Quality Assurance Processes

  • Implements the technical control of the Protection Important Activities, as well as their propagation to the entire supply chain;
  • May be requested to work on beryllium-containing components. In this case, you will be required to follow the established ITER Beryllium Management Program for working safely with beryllium. Training and support will be provided by the ITER Organization;
  • May be requested to be part of any of the project/construction teams and to perform other duties in support of the project;
  • Informs the IO Director-General, Domain Head, or Department/Office Head of any important and urgent issues that cannot be handled by line management and that may jeopardize the achievement of the Project’s objectives.
  • For staff expected to perform on-call, shift hours, or other work outside ITER Organization reference working hours, including nights, weekends, and public holidays, the possession of a driving license valid in France is required. No commuting vehicle will be provided by the ITER Organization.