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    December 19, 2022



Background About SEforALL

Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) is an international organization working with leaders in government, the private sector and civil society to drive further, faster action toward achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7), which calls for universal access to sustainable energy by 2030, and the Paris Agreement, which calls for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to limit climate warming to well below 2° Celsius (and striving for 1.5° Celsius).

Achieving these goals will require a radical rethink of the way we produce, distribute and consume energy. SEforALL is at the heart of this foundational shift to ensure no one is left behind. Drawing on data and evidence, we identify a critical path to success in achieving SDG7.

The 8th UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched the Sustainable Energy for All initiative in 2012. Now an independent organization, we maintain close links with the UN, including through a relationship agreement, partnerships with UN agencies and with SEforALL’s CEO acting as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative (SRSG) for Sustainable Energy for All and Co-Chair of UN-Energy. These roles include advising the UN Secretary General and his staff on issues relating to sustainable energy and the implementation of SDG7 and supporting the coordination of sustainable energy issues in the United Nations system.

The ambitions of SDG7 are extraordinary. Aiming to achieve them in the context of the Paris Agreement on climate change involves transformation at a scale never undertaken before. Swift action must be taken by leaders in governments, private sector companies, institutions, financiers, development banks, unions, communities, entrepreneurs and civil society. As we enter the final decade to achieve SDG7, SEforALL has strategically chosen to strengthen global agenda-setting while expanding its activities to an engagement model that prioritizes data-driven decision-making, partnerships with high-impact countries and implementation on the ground. SEforALL’s current three-year business plan outlines “results offers” that scope out our planned interventions and demonstrate to our funding partners the impact of their support.

Responsibility of the Results Offer

The Operations Department (OPS) is responsible for enabling the implementation of the strategic operational plans for SEforALL as well as for safeguarding resources and the smooth running of the day-to-day affairs of the organization. As part of its mandate, it is tasked with managing all matters pertaining to information technology, including IT strategies, and security, website infrastructure management (i.e., not content), planning and solutions, to enhance the operational effectiveness and efficiency of SEforALL as well as mitigate IT risks. OPS is also mandated to manage, in coordination with outside legal counsel, legal and regulatory matters, including ensuring statutory compliance for the legal status in Austria (and other countries, as appropriate), and maintain related relationships.  In addition, OPS has a broad mandate to provide high-quality and cost-effective general services, including managing the physical facilities (offices), travel, records and documents, as well as managing the related relationships including with UNOPS and UNF.

Purpose/Objective of the Role

The main objectives of the function include:

  • Develop, get approval and implement a space management framework, room bookings, workplace standards and procedures with the aim to enhance SEforALL’s work environment and better utilize premises and available space.

  • Implement office re-configurations, layouts, and designs.

  • Oversee the office support services (e.g., janitorial, office maintenance, etc.) for SEforALL’s premises (in coordination with local in-country support).

  • Manage access rights to SEforALL premises, including provision of access cards, and collaboration with satellite office security.

  • Manage and control the stock of office supplies and ensure its availability to the various units.

  • Operate a Help Desk to respond to day-to-day requests for unplanned replacements, repairs, modifications, etc.

  • Monitor the performance of all office facilities systems (e.g., heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, Building’s Management System [BMS], fire alarm and fire suppression systems, office equipment, printing, etc) .

  • Undertake, plan, and implement preventative and corrective maintenance of all office facilities.

  • Establish and implement physical security for protection against unauthorized access, damage or interference to SEforALL’s office facilities, taking all necessary measures for the security and safety of the facilities and staff at SEforALL’s premises.

  • Ensure safety by providing services such as rapid response services for emergencies (including the continuous availability of a Hotline), safety of work areas, safety installations and equipment and Continuous Effective Training Services including Awareness Campaigns.

  • Plan and manage sale/disposal of scrapped and depreciated equipment.

  • Establish standards for the management of mail, records and documents ensuring that adequate information is created, captured, and managed in an efficient and effective way.

  • Coordinate translation services for all units in SEforALL.

  • Develop, implement and manage the records management program for SEforALL, ensuring compliance with EU GDPR regulations, including records and documents management business solutions, policy and procedures, business classification, file retention, archive, and destruction schedules, vital records program, disaster recovery, and business continuity plan for records and documents.

  • Define terms of reference for procurement-related activities related to Facilities Management and General Services, including market sourcing, developing TORs, RFPs, preparing or reviewing contracts, managing contractors’ performance, etc.

  • Manage the telecommunication services (e.g., mobile, data, Wi-Fi, etc.).

  • Subject to an exit from UNOPS, outsource and oversee the travel agency services provided to the organization, assuring an efficient service provided to staff and other stakeholders.

  • Develop and disseminate the knowledgebase and inventory of best practices in the area of facilities management and general services.

Duties and Tasks for the Role

The primary duties and tasks of the role include, but are not limited to:

(i) Operational and Strategic Planning for Facilities Management and General Services

  • Support the development and implementation of actionable objectives, planning processes, budgets and operational KPIs for the function.

  • Contribute to IT enhancements as they relate to facilities management and general services, including digitization and automation.

  • Ensure that the services of the function meet the expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

  • Contribute to innovation and the institutionalization of new initiatives in the function.

(ii) Facilities Management and General Services

  • Support in the provision of facilities management and general services, particularly maintenance, mailing, supplies, equipment, bills, and associated tasks.

  • Ensure office efficiency is maintained by facilitating the planning and execution of equipment and office supply procurement, office layouts, and other related tasks.

  • Undertake the preparation of operational reports and schedules to ensure efficiency.

  • Coordinate with the IT function and/or 3rd party vendors in the maintenance of all office equipment.

  • Monitor and maintain office supplies inventory.

  • Facilitate asset management by identifying and recording fixed assets in the system, as well as taking stock of the assets in line with the asset management guideline.

  • For Operations, receive and inspect all goods received from vendors and manage the Goods/Services Receiving Note Process.

  • Provide services related to the authorization of official travel for SEforALL staff and sponsored travellers, including provision of tickets, trip approval, terminal allowances, per diem rates, visa letters, and related expense reporting.

  • Ensure the implementation of the concept of value-for-money and efficiency as it relates to travel (i.e., air and ground transportation, hotels, etc.).

  • Review, validate, and processes reimbursements for travel expenses, as appropriate.

  • Prepare and initiate non-HR related insurance contracts as well as lodge any claim to the insurance company for compensation on behalf of SEforALL.

  • Support the design and implementation of filing systems and ensure filing systems are maintained and current as well as establish and monitor procedures for record-keeping that are GDPR compliant.

  • Handle staff inquiries and complaints as they relate to facilities management and general services.

  • Maintain a safe, secure, and pleasant work environment.

  • Facilitate knowledge building and knowledge sharing in own work area to bring about awareness and understanding, as well as utilise SEforALL systems, and processes to share the knowledge.

  • Other tasks and duties as may be required.

Specific Competencies for the Role

  • A minimum of 3 years demonstrated experience in office administration, fixed asset and supplies management, travel management, and records management.

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, communication, logistics, or a related field.

  • Demonstrated experience in working with administration-related IT systems would be a plus.

  • Knowledge of basic accounting and/or financial management.

  • Strong organizational and time management skills as well as exceptional attention to detail.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Strong problem-solving skills and analytical abilities.

  • Professional level command of written and spoken English, particularly in report writing for both general and executive audiences.

  • Demonstrated experience working within workflow management systems, including the capturing of data throughout different steps of the process from different roles participating in that system.

  • Ability to consistently perform under pressure in a fast-paced environment and demonstrated ability to prioritize in an ever-changing environment that requires high flexibility and a commitment to high quality results.

  • Strong IT skills including Outlook, Word, Excel, and Power Point

General Competencies for the Role

  • Innovation and Adaptability: Has advanced skills in innovation and is adaptable to changes.

  • Resilience and Emotional Intelligence: Has advanced knowledge in the concepts of resilience and emotional intelligence. Is able to remain calm in challenging situations, to cope with setbacks and is responsive to the emotions of others.

  • Analytical and Strategic Thinking: Has an intermediate level of analytical and strategic thinking skills. Gathers and analyses diverse information, identifies critical relationships and patterns among data and contributes workable solutions to the team.

  • Collaboration and Partnership: Demonstrates intermediate initiative and required abilities in collaboration and partnership in own areas of responsibility. Develops and maintains partnerships and collaborates with others in the team to build strong professional relationships.

  • Lead and Empower: Demonstrates initiative and role model behaviour in leading and empowering others. Takes responsibility for own work activities and personal actions and carries out the commitments agreed upon

  • Political and diplomatic understanding: Has an advanced level of political and diplomatic understanding.

  • Communicating information: Has proficient skills in communicating information and uses the skills effectively in own scope of work and sometimes in others’ work

  • Research and Analytics: Has advanced skills in research and analytics.

  • Project Management: Has advanced skills in project management. Plans and organises their own work in support of achieving the team’s objectives.

  • Client Orientation / Striving for Excellence: Has advanced skills in client orientation and achieving excellency in work delivery

Our Values

Please refer to our core values as defined here:

Salary information

SEforALL has adopted its own salary scales corresponding to the SEforALL grading system. The minimum yearly salary for this position is EUR 36,944. The actual salary offer will be determined within the scale depending on the successful candidate’s qualification and experience, and applying the principle of internal equity. In addition to the base salary, SEforALL staff receive a benefits package that includes contribution to pension, contribution to health insurance & homeworking allowance.

Additional Considerations

  • SEforALL offers exciting high-impact assignments, a collegial and creative work environment, and the opportunity for committed professionals to thrive and grow within flat hierarchies and in the pursuit of an inspiring mission.

  • SEforALL provides competitive compensation packages at its locations in Vienna, Washington DC and New York City, and flexibility and result orientated modern workplace arrangements.

  • Qualified female candidates and candidates from developing countries are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

  • SEforALL reserves the right to appoint a candidate at a level below the advertised level of the post.


Your data will not be passed on to third parties outside SEforALL. We will only use your data to the extent necessary for the purposes of selecting personnel in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

We will only disclose your personal information if we are required to do so by a court´s or administrative authority´s decision. In such a case, we will inform you as soon as possible of such an order so that you can take legal action against it if necessary. Please email to if you require updates to your information in accordance with Art. 5 lit. d of the GDPR